A Suite of Products and Services that Cut Big Data Analytics Down to Size


Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing is a service that forms the foundation for all other products and services.

Cube Generation

Cube Generation is a service that is recommended after a Data Warehouse has been created. A cube is a method of storing data where the aggregated data can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Reporting System  

The custom Reporting System is designed as a replacement for Report Builder allowing user-defined reporting and dramatically speeding up the report-creation process.

Budget Extension

The Reporting System includes templates that are capable of writing back to the cube. These templates can be used to create role-level updates and allows any changes to be instantly reflected in the overall corporate budget.

Report Mailer

The report mailer allows reports from the viewer to be mailed either one time or on a schedule to users in a variety of formats such as PDF, Excel or links.



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