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At High IQ Business Intelligence, we’ve found that easier access to accurate data yields more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights that deliver better decision-making.

In a recent study by IDG, industry analysts found that better overall visualization and access allowed for better adhoc decision-making and collaboration.

Small and Mid-sized businesses generate big data that is hard to utilize and manage effectively without the proper tools and training. High IQ Business Intelligence is a lens that helps focus that data for better analytics and decision-making. Unlike SAP or Oracle, High IQ Business Intelligence is:

• Cost-effective for any size business
• Easy to manage and minimizes IT time
• Based on familiar user interfaces that reduce training time

But better access only happens through better data configuration and Master Data Management (MDM). That’s why we like to develop our graphics and reporting from the ground up – with complete access to legacy and current data sources that provides a much bigger, and we think, better picture.

Data warehousing updates help improve overall data integrity and business performance through better reporting and analytics. We do this using Cube data structures to aggregate corporate-wide data for faster access while providing better security. 

The key to corralling big data analytics lies with our three-phase consultative approach to understanding a client’s business, integrating and updating their data, and then creating reporting tools that are familiar and map to their specific needs.


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