There are three major types of customers for restaurants.

  • ·         Coupon customers – they only show up when there is a special deal
  • ·         Regulars – they may not spend much but they visit on a regular basis
  • ·         Night out customers – they don’t visit as often but can spend more money

Depending on where you are in your business you want to attract new customers of the three types in varying proportions. The problem is what types of customers do you currently have and what advertisements attracts each type.

To tackle this problem High IQ Business Intelligence will start out by helping you track your customers. There are two methods that we typically use. The most cost effective method is to start tracking customers by their credit cards. Most people use the same credit/debit card wherever they go this means by using credit card numbers a business can get a good idea about what customers return and what they purchase each visit. Another option to increase sales is to start a customer rewards program. These cards are great for encouraging people to visit more often and provide a method to track the customers.

Once customer tracking is underway we can start determining what advertisement brings in which type of customer. This can be done by asking “How did you hear about us?” as one of the questions during sign up or by having a waiter or waitress ask the same thing. Alternatively we can do some data analysis as you shift your marketing mix to determine what ad most likely brings in which customer



The seasons are changing and so are customer’s orders, so how much should I be ordering of the ingredients for each dish? Particularly if your customer base has grown you are probably going to over purchase everything just to be safe. Data analysis can help by predicting what will be ordered. Maybe customers who order salads during the summer are more likely to order soups in the winter. By looking at how sales of particular items have changed in the past we can help make better predictions which save you money.

Wait Staff


Some waiters and waitresses naturally click better with certain customers and during different customer loads. By using tips and customer loads as a metric you can see which waiters and waitresses should be on certain shifts. It is a great way to create a win for your entire restaurant. The wait staff gets more tips because they work shifts that have more customers they interact well with. Customers are happier, otherwise they would not be tipping more, and you are pulling in more sales from those happier customers.

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