Optimize your truck to make fewer trips


Plumbers have a large variety of parts that are needed for certain jobs but not others. Which parts should be kept on your truck? Choosing the most commonly used parts runs into the problem where you are missing just one uncommonly required part for a job. The better solution is to find the combination that gives a higher probability of having all necessary parts to complete a job. This reduces the amount of time in transit for the same job, time you earn less money in most circumstances.

Computers are ideal for completing this task. They can look for groups of parts that are commonly used together on a job and then get a list of all additional parts necessary to complete those types of jobs. It is even possible to change your truck inventory based on what jobs are more likely to occur during different seasons. Each week a list of parts that needs to be added or removed from a truck can making restocking much simpler.


Customer history


A customer has just called you up complaining that you did an inferior job repairing their bathroom. The work you did a year ago isn’t working. You don’t remember the job in detail so to appease them you agree to fix it for free. After you arrive it comes back to you though, you didn’t do work on this bathroom but you did recommend that work should be done. It is too late however you agreed to do the work for free, and they are insisting. An easily available customer history that includes work completed as well as recommendations that were made could have easily diffused the situation as well as shown your client how well you remember them.

Customer history additionally benefits inventory. When you know beforehand that a client has metric instead of standard piping in their home you can bring the appropriate materials along in addition to the normal load listed above saving another trip. It can also be useful for a client you needs to know what work you did last year because they are now selling the house.

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