Coleman Natural Chicken

Coleman contracted High IQ Business Intelligence to assist with creating a Data Warehouse and building a cube. In addition they use the Reporting System with the Budgeting Extension. Currently sales and budget are tracked in the cube however we are currently looking at adding inventory and production tracking. The company consists of six different divisions across the nation with four different data storage systems. The Data Warehouse is set up to allow corporate budget groups to be created from the budget groups of each division. In addition the system is currently being augmented to trap data entry errors in the source systems. This system streamlines corporate reporting and is anticipated to drastically reduce the time spent during the budgeting process.

Ball Aerospace


Ball Aerospace needed additional resources to update a manual reconciliation method to an automatic method. The final result allowed for multiple runs to be scheduled in advance. The transient nature of the data required that the process have redundancy and the ability to overwrite a portion of the data.

After the completion of the project High IQ Business Intelligence was asked to work on a report that was not displaying correctly. This project had been requested two years previously however Microsoft support and several contractors had been unable to find a solution. The solution is detailed in the High IQ Business Intelligence Blog.

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